March-April-May 2014

Three Favorite Reads

The Gravity of Birds (Tracy Guzeman)

This startlingly mature first novel is both a challenging and compelling read. I devoured it in one marathon session then immediately read it again slowly, savoring the author’s skillful prose and subtle characterizations. You’ll remember young Alice and Natalie Kessler and the dark, tormented artist who changes their lives forever. At its heart, the novel examines the power of family dynamics as it follows the adventures of an art authenticator and an art history professor as they search for the artist’s long lost triptych.


Mortal Bonds (Michael Sears)

This second novel tracing the life and career of flawed bond trader Jason Stafford doesn’t disappoint. It builds on Sears’ first novel, Black Fridays, a must-read that I’ve recommended to countless friends. Michael Sears own deep knowledge of New York’s financial world and his sympathetic portrayal of a fundamentally decent man trying to rebuild his life and protect his autistic son is an exciting read. It doesn’t hurt that it will painlessly improve your knowledge of the world of high finance, either.


The Sisterhood (Helen Bryan)

Normally, I am not a fan of novels that combine two entirely different stories over a span of centuries, But the author has woven these two, closely related stories so perfectly—and introduced the history of 16th century Spain so skillfully—that I was mesmerized from beginning to end. There’s mystery, romance, and an interesting take on Christianity. What more could you ask for?


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